About our services


Fluxology assists organizers from A to Z. We are involved right from the preparation phase and try to bring our expertise to bear right up to the event.

During the start-up phase, we scout the site and the associated mobility possibilities.

In addition to the car, there are many other ways to get around. These options are defined in a modal shift in order to identify and achieve the objectives.

The installation of a bicycle parking lot near the event location is recommended to promote bicycle travel. It should be thoughtfully designed, and preferably guarded to ensure the safety of cyclists.

In addition, we are interested in the public transport around the event location. We can map out a route by train, bus, metro or streetcar. By proposing alternative transportation solutions, we shift the focus from the car to more sustainable options.

We analyze the possibilities of car parking. We map different solutions for places without parking nearby.

Thanks to the central location of our office, we are often active in Brussels and its surroundings, so we know a lot of event locations. But over the years, we have built up an extensive network throughout Belgium and are active in all major cities. As a result, we have developed a good relationship with important parties, including emergency services, transport companies and local experts.